Quantum Teleportation

The fulfillment of the prophecies are beginning to unfold. The latest prophecy deals with the so-called "Quantum Teleportation."

According to an Associated Press article by Malcolm Ritter, click here to see various Quantum Teleportation links, Dr. Zeilinger and other scientists in Austria performed a feat similar the transporter beams used by Scotty in the TV series and movies, 'Star Trek.'

However, an excerpt from 'Scientific Articles' by Jefferson, published by Vantage Press, N.Y., copyrighted in 1970, reveals the experiment.

According to the book, the March Wave stands for Magnetically AcceleRated Celestial wavelengtH. The wave is faster than the typical radio wave which at 186,256 miles per second and the speed of which can not be accelerated or decelerated.

The book goes on to add "The use of the March Wave Transporation System (MWTS) will not begin before 1997, but AFTER THAT it will be in an operational state of being.

In 1969 when Jefferson wrote 'Scientific Articles,' he was assuming the science world would accept his laws. With acceptance of his laws then, instead of transporting light beams like the Austrian experiment, we would, according to 'Scientific Articles,' "the system (will) be used for the movement of cargo and other essential materials, but it will also be used to transport man."

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