Prophecies Being Fulfilled

Quantum Teleportation

Teams at the University of Innsbruck in Austria and the University of Rome are preparing to teleport an electron. A whole atom and molecule come next. Within a decade, Anton Zeilinger of the Austrian team believes it will be possible to teleport a small virus.

Popular Mechanics, ©1998

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An excerpt from 'Scientific Articles' by Jefferson, published by Vantage Press, N.Y., ©1970, reveals the experiment. According to the book, the March Wave stands for Magnetically AcceleRated Celestial wavelengtH. The wave is faster than the typical radio wave which at 186,256 miles per second and the speed of which can not be accelerated or decelerated. The book goes on to add "The use of the March Wave Transporation System (MWTS) will not begin before 1997, but AFTER THAT it will be in an operational state of being." In 1969 when Jefferson wrote 'Scientific Articles,' he was assuming the science world would accept his laws. With acceptance of his laws then, instead of transporting light beams like the Austrian experiment, we would, according to 'Scientific Articles,' "the system (will) be used for the movement of cargo and other essential materials, but it will also be used to transport man."

DNA Discovery - Gene Sequencing

Life will never be the same.

The unraveling of the human genome, the total of all the genes in our 43 chromosomes is bound to transform medicine.

For businesses planning to commercialize information flowing from the Human Genome Project, it’s bound to be lucrative, if they’re willing to make the long-term high-stakes investment. The project is an international effort to sequence the entire DNA of human cells by 2005. Analyzing the estimated 100,000 human genes could bring an end to diseases, such as AIDS and cancer, and halt the aging process.

Scripps Howard News Service, ©1999

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An excerpt from 'Scientific Articles' by Jefferson, published by Vantage Press, N.Y., ©1970.

It will take many years of research to find an answer to incurable diseases; that is, if they use the correct scientific method. This method would probably seem illogical to all of the researchers and other scientists involved. This method suggests studying these diseases from the micronuclear level of size rather than from the nuclear level. It also suggests that these diseases are caused by a breakdown on the micronuclear level of its micronucleonic structure.


Revelations Proven True

Nobel Prize for Atomic Breakthrough

It was a 1973 breakthrough by the trio - researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the California Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - that explained how the so-called "strong force" works. The force keeps quarks, the building blocks of protons and neutrons, tightly bound to one another even though the positive electromagnetic charge of protons in the nucleus would break them apart.

Matt Moore, The Associated Press, ©2004

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Jefferson's Law #5. "No mass may be completely negative, positive, or neutrally charged, but rather is more or less of either of the charges, but the mass contains all three charges." 4-68.

Explanation of Law #5: No mass may have just a single charge, it must contains all three of the charges. The neutron is the best example of this law, after 12.8 minutes outside the nucleus the neutron decays into an electron, a proton, and a neutrino.


14. "Any celestial body rotating about a nucleus and possessing a negative charge to a certain degree, will have in its outer atmosphere a magnetic field that is caused by its relative motion through space."

August 1968, in the book 'Scientific Articles,' ©1970.

Before NASA officials lost contact with the Mar's Pathfinder, the machine reported a magnetic field around Mars, only to have scientists dispute it's findings.

In science news, data returned from the Magnetometer science instrument has indicated the presence of a magnetic field around Mars. Until now, scientists were uncertain as to the absence or presence of a Martian magnetic field.

Astronomy Now, ©1997

The rules of quantum theory require electrons in an entangled state each to have spin that is both up and down. In superposition of two electrons, spin is both up and down. Their spins don't become fixed until the electrons are "observed" see "Executing Schrödinger's Cat," Oct. 1997. Physicist Charles Bennett believes a particle's ability to exist in this "superposition" holds the key to building a real teleporter.

Popular Mechanics, ©1998

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Law 16. "All celestial bodies, regardless of level of size, rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise directions instantaneously. However, the point of reference determines the direction of rotation."

July 1969, in the book
'Scientific Articles,' ©1970.

This law applies to any body or anything that rotates, not only celestial bodies. The opposite ends are always moving in opposite directions. The Earth, for example, if you are facing south it's rotating in a counterclockwise direction and if you are facing north, it is rotating in a clockwise direction.