Are researchers lining up with Jefferson's theory on Down's Syndrome?

Check out an article that appeared during the summer of 2002 in the 'Taking Care' magazine.
See for yourself if the article and Jefferson's theory from over 25 years are similar.

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Down Syndrome

The Outside Source
As an ordinary laymen with limited knowledge, I have often wondered what caused mental and physical
retardation in humans.  One possibility is an outside source that appears to be a contributing factor
to Down Syndrome.
From conception to birth, nature has built in safeguards to prevent imperfections from being born.
In the early stages of fetus development if an imperfection is detected in the fetus, it is eliminate
by nature through a miscarriage.
On some occasions when imperfections are born, it may be because the fetus has advanced
past nature's automatic expulsion point.
It is to be noted that all Down syndrome children resemble each other. This imperfection
in nature can not be blamed on the genes. The genes have implicit instructions on how
the fetus is to be constructed and are given the necessary instructions to do the job thoroughly.
Therefore, if the fetus construction plan is going to be changed, it will have to come
from an outside source.  That source is the Toxoplasmosis Virus.
There are two possible ways of coming in contact with this virus. The first way is
to come in contact with a cat that is going through distemper of its liter. The virus
will make the cat sick, but will not kill it. The second way to come in contact with
this virus is while gardening without gloves or working bare handed.
After the contact has been completed, the virus infects the expecting mother
and enters the fetus to disrupt the genes. If the infection occurs: (1) During
the first trimester, there will be a miscarriage; (2) At the beginning of
the second trimester, this will cause the severest form of physical and
mental retardation; (3) At the last stage of the third trimester, this will
cause a mild case of physical and mental retardation.
It is highly recommended that expecting mothers stay away from cats,
cat liter and gardening until after the baby is born.
March 1977
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